mountain-climbers_teamworkSOC (Science of Collaboration) Services are based upon the assumption that the ease with which we achieve our outer success in business is deeply related to our awareness and management of our inner process. This inner process consists of beliefs, attitudes/feelings, and our ability to make productive choices in behavior that increases our productivity in any given moment. Business results are then achieved more collaboratively with better execution, more creativity, faster and with less energy.

Adopting the ability and practice of self-awareness of our inner process in an ongoing way will bring us to a higher level of collaboration. The practice of being more self-aware results in clearer thinking, more productive dialogue and better choices in behavior. It avoids emotional knee jerk reactions and personal agendas that cause many difficult situations winding up in work-arounds or power struggles that dilute execution. This practice is a necessary ability of raising one’s capability to collaborate in all business situations.

Collaborative Outcomes’ philosophy addresses the challenge of working off the most productive beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and skills possible in all of our work. This is laced through a pathway of seven very clear integrated steps that will take a leader or team to higher levels of collaboration. Individuals/Teams can benefit from any of the 7 modules, as a stand – alone service in whatever order deemed productive.

The 7 Step Collaboration Process is available to teams that would like to receive the benefit of experiencing the entire process of an integrated seamless approach that unleashes the teams potential resulting in above and beyond results.

We offer our services in four tiers so that teams and individuals can experience the capability building affects of the Collaborative Process in a format that meets their specific needs and timeframes.