Collaborative Outcomes is a consulting and leadership development firm specializing in the area of collaboration. Our mission is to remarkably improve the functioning and productivity of corporate executive teams by transforming individual talents into team-driven results. We work with cross-functional teams charged with accomplishing aggressive goals that yield large financial impact for their companies. Our work elevates the collaborative consciousness of the team leaders so that their ability to facilitate results across departments and through key stakeholders is higher.

Our focus is on leveraging the Science of Collaboration that involves how each team member shows up and how the team functions including the unseen engine of beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and skills in the context of accomplishing an aggressive shared goal. The increased overall emotional intelligence/relational capability of the individuals creates a highly collaborative team environment.

Our 7 Step Collaboration Process is an intense embedded approach that is very supportive and holds each team member highly accountable for their participation and development.


To remarkably improve the functionality and productivity of corporate executive teams by transforming individual talents into team-focused efforts.”


“This program helped me to not only understand both my own patterns and characteristics, but also those of my key stakeholders. This enables me not only to maximize my own productive output, but ensures collaboration and “a smooth path forward” with my stakeholders.”

“This program helped me experience and perceive my own strength and understand how important environmental factors are, including collaboration, to effectively utilize my strengths.”

“This program helped me realize it takes more than domain expertise to succeed. Increasingly, our ability to quickly engage as teams, form and disband and then re-form is a necessary current corporate leadership skill and a great way to differentiate yourself.”

“Through this program the entire team was able to better understand who we all are, what drives us, what sets us back and allowing for total honesty and transparency among us all in removing barriers.”

“This program provided additional skills to help me represent my department’s perspective or concerns in a constructive way at meetings where I would not normally speak up.”

“In this program, I learned how to embrace the positions of other team members and found it liberating rather than constraining. In some organizations I’ve been in, different perspectives are viewed as barriers and people to be avoided.”

“In this program, I learned that it’s hard to make that collaborative shift when I’m unaware of my own beliefs and attitudes that create a bias or even worse that I may confuse beliefs with facts.”

Meet the Consultants

Tom Dyer

tomAs Founder, Tom Dyer has a passion for assisting teams in successfully achieving their shared goals through higher degrees of collaboration. Tom’s pathway in developing this process has taken him through the study of communication/NLP, applied psychology, practical spirituality and finally through the study of how to assist someone in moving their own consciousness say from a committee member to a community leader. The convergence of all these experiences has resulted in a process that helps individuals raise their confidence and collaborative skills such that they can facilitate others through issues like politics, silos, big egos and all the dynamics found in any organization. When this happens the intellectual capital of the team gets applied towards the desired outcomes and achieving quantifiable results.


Kathleen Dyer

kathyKathleen Dyer provides a wide array of learning strategies so that customized approaches and support for each executive can be created and applied. Her background ranges from global corporate training through teaching delicate communication skills within families. This assures that the developmental pathways for the executive are easy, quick and effective for them to immediately understand and apply in their lives. This is done within the context of a strategic and tactical plan to achieve a declared shared goal of the team. She has a strong belief that the most productive work occurs within the business relationship and that a high level of conversational intelligence increases collaboration, creativity and reduces the amount of time and energy to achieve great outcomes.