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The Five Dimensions of Collaboration

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Dimensions are listed with their associated skills and the impact it has on achieving the goal!

Each of the dimensions represents a particular energy field that is a necessary element of collaboration. There is a particular collaborative skill that is associated with the dimension that when utilized with the appropriate belief structure and attitude increases that energy field. The dimensions build upon the previous one. For example it is difficult to be authentic when you don’t feel respected and listened to. Consequently it is hard to remain open when receiving feedback if you don’t think there is authenticity coming from the person delivering it. Actually quite the contrary occurs in that the degree of openness goes down and the defenses come up which normally shuts down the listening.

Each dimension and associated skill has a specific impact on the degree of collaboration. For instance if someone does not feel listened to, the typical response is to lower their degree of participation. They become less engaged even though they may pretend to be involved.
Their contribution becomes less and the team loses the benefit of their perspective, creativity and energy. Others have to do more then.

Here is how the chain works. When the energy field of respect is present and people feel listened to they participate more. As they engage in the work and feel that the team is being authentic the dialogue flows faster, difficult conversations are navigated safely and quickly. Out of the authenticity starts to come feedback as it relates to achieving the shared goal. Getting information about how I or we can work together faster or better results in increased speed towards accomplishing the shared goal.

So far with the platform of Respect, Authenticity and Forward Orientation we can take on speed bumps or conflict more safely. The next dimension is the Cessation of Againstness, which means that when any problem or challenge comes up, the focus remains on accomplishing the goal and not against anyone or anything. There is no blaming or complaining. The first three skills are applied to the problem or issue in order to resolve things. A key by product of this dimension is safety to iron out differences and encourages passionate dialogue.

The last dimension is Unification and the skill is facilitation. What that means is that the goal and commitment is kept clear and anything that impacts the achievement of the goal is brought up. Someone on the team needs to be able to recognize the issues and step up and facilitate the team through it back into a productive space. This means addressing personal agendas, big egos and personal issues or personality patterns that would lower productivity and shift these specific energy fields.

Which of these dimensions would make your current team more productive?

The elements that comprise these energy fields are the underlying beliefs and attitudes and the behaviors that come out of them. To learn more about them, contact us.