Greater Leadership in Less Time,
With Less Stress and More Creativity

The Enneagram Personality Profile

by Tom Dyer
The dynamics of the workplace are continually asking leaders to be more effective in less time with more creative outcomes. This pressure is changing how leaders relate to everyone at work. Since the development of the computer, solutions to problems and creative new strategies can come from anyone or any level inside the organization. This shifts the nature of working relationships…

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Executive Development: Outer Goals and Inner Coaching

Thomas J. Dyer
If the Enron debacle has shown us anything, it is the apparent arrogance that exists at the executive levels of some companies. A “power dominates” belief system is responsible for the arrogance that drove the destructive behavior of the executives. An equally ineffective belief system of those witnessing the process prevented them from taking appropriate challenging actions. Reconstructing belief systems is a powerful tool in shifting behavior in a productive direction…

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48% of 100 Large Companies Fail to Achieve Their Business Goals

Thomas J. Dyer
Two of the primary causes are uncooperative business partners and poor or dishonest communications…

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