• COLLABORATION “This program helped me experience and perceive
    my own strength and understand how important
    environmental factors are, including collaboration,
    to effectively utilize my strengths.”

  • TEAM BUILDING “Through this program, the entire team was able
    to better understand who we all are, what drives us,
    what sets us back, and allowing for total honesty and
    transparency among us all in removing barriers.”

  • LEADERSHIP “This program helped me realize it takes more
    than domain expertise to succeed. Increasingly,
    our ability to quickly engage as a team, form and
    disband and then re-form is a necessary current
    corporate leadership skill and a great way to
    differentiate yourself.”

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New Understanding of Collaboration

Learn to navigate the ever-changing Pharma/Biotech industry.

Collaborative Leadership in Pharma

How do you get your teams and departments to share goals?

Collaborative Challenges of Brand Teams

Identify mistakes of pharma launch teams and secrets to avoiding them.



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40% of leadership failure is the inability or unwillingness to build relationships and a team environment.

Chally Group

64% of alliance failures are caused by poor or damaged relationships.

Vantage Partners

Many leaders lack the required skills to meaningfully collaborate to meet the management challenges ahead.

Ivey Business Journal
Discover the path to successful collaborations.
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