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Welcome to Collaborative Outcomes

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Due to the desire to create greater financial impact for companies, Executive Outcomes has morphed into

Collaborative Outcomes

Where talent becomes a team!

Collaboration is not the same thing as teamwork!


  • Collaborative Teamwork involves leveraging the power of every individual to produce creative outcomes!

As opposed to:

  • Teamwork focuses on each person doing his or her own part!

So many times we have heard from executives that “I am over worked and under utilized.”  This is a function of teams working more like committees rather than collaborative teams.  So our focus has shifted to build collaborative teams working both the individual and the team.

Here are some other myth/distinction busters:

  • Cooperation is not collaboration
  • Teamwork is not collaboration
  • Committees are not teams
  • Many executives at their current level don’t have the capability to be collaborative
  • Most teams actually work as committees wasting the use of so much talent!

Collaboration requires individual development.  Individual Executive Development alone does not necessarily result in increased collaboration.  Red Zone collaboration provides a collaborative team the opportunity to simultaneously work on three levels of development in a real work environment.

There is a vast untapped resource in many organizations.  Organizations comprised of highly talented individuals eager to contribute their talents.  Even though it is the intention of organizations for these individuals to work as a team in producing business results, in truth they work in groups with a focus on their own job descriptions.  In spite of everyone’s best efforts, much of the benefit of the talents of these individuals is not fully realized.

Many teams that are formed actually function as a group of individual contributors.  In order to fully realize the talents of these individuals, there must be created a culture of collaboration.  When individuals come together to work, there are dynamics at play at many levels both conscious and unconscious.

To create a culture of collaboration, all of these dynamics must be addressed as they relate to impacting one’s ability to contribute to achieving the shared business goal.  The dynamics that occur are based upon four different interactive elements which are:

  • Belief Structures
  • Attitudes/Emotions
  • Skills
  • Behaviors

When these elements are mixed together they produce an energy field through which individuals/perform.  All of these elements blended together represent the dynamics of collaboration.

When individuals have the willingness to be aware of their attitudes and beliefs and are able to consciously shift them, they gain the ability to generate the five key collaborative environments:  respect, authenticity, forward orientation, cessation of againstness and unification.  It is in this environment that highly talented individuals fully realize their potential in the field of a collaborative team.

The process of facilitating the team collaboration process requires great commitment and has great rewards.  The indications of a collaborative team fully utilizing the talents of their team are the presence of the following elements:

  • High degree of engagement
  • All dialogue becomes easier and more productive – even passionate dialogue
  • Feedback occurs in every conversation with the intention to learn and improve
  • All energies are directed towards the shared goal turning conflict into creativity
  • The direction of the work stays on track towards the shared goal and not personal agendas

Both individuals and organizations benefit greatly when this process is fully embraced.

About Tom Dyer

Tom Dyer is president of the consulting firm Collaborative Outcomes. For over 20 years he has assisted teams in successfully achieving their shared goals through higher degrees of collaboration.  He has worked with leaders in large organizations across the globe.  He has worked with teams in numerous global corporations including Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, Merck and Boehringer-Ingelheim.

As a recognized consultant and facilitator, Tom has developed a unique business collaboration process that helps individuals and teams raise their confidence and collaborative skills that generates a genuine team collaborative environment.  As part of this process, team members are equipped to successfully deal with common obstacles to collaboration such as silos, big egos, and subtle team dynamics that prevents peak performance from individuals and the team.

When a true collaborative team environment is created, the intellectual capital of the team produces above and beyond quantifiable business results.

Tom Dyer specializes in working with intact collaborative teams and their key stakeholders as they relate to achieving the shared outcome in the following areas:

  • Collaborative Strategic Planning Retreats—helping teams to intentionally incorporate a collaboration aspect in their strategic planning
  • Collaborative Team Consulting with intact teams with a high need for collaboration for success over an extended period of time
  • Collaborative Leadership Development — supporting the leaders through the inner work of collaboration within the context of a measurable business goal
  • Collaborative Skill Development Training—helping clients develop real time collaboration skills that are immediately necessary to deliver against the execution plan.

Tom Dyer works specifically with intact teams working towards key business outcomes with large financial impact to their companies.  Clients have serious commitment to their shared outcome and are willing to do the work necessary both personally and organizationally to achieve their outcomes.  Collaborative Outcomes can guide any such team into successful accomplishment of their outcomes!

Tom can be contacted at:

E:  TD@coinc.co
C:  973.464.4949