cq-logoIndividual Leadership Services

Our CQ™ (Collaborative Quotient) services are intended to raise the collaboration skills of those individuals executives participating in high impact collaborative teams.

We offer our services so that individuals and teams can experience the Collaborative Process in a format that meets their specific needs and timeframes.


Establishing a current business measurable objective requiring high levels of collaboration. The work involves creating a Collaboration Development Action Plan, which includes personality profiles and addresses collaboration skills, while addressing belief structures and emotional dispositions as they relate to achieving the objective.


The program is implemented over a six-month period and includes Bi-Weekly Collaborative Development Planning Sessions and intermittent e-mail and phone calls to support on-going learning.

Individual Collaboration Capability Development – 3-month engagements:

1. Collaborative Leadership Program

2. Inner Work of Collaboration Program

3. New Leader/New Position Program

4. Building Collaborative Business Relationships Program

Collaborative Outcomes Support Products

1. Science of Collaboration e-Book

2. Seven Step Science of Collaboration Process Workbook

3. Collaborative Business Shared Goal Work Book

4. Collaborative Team Meeting Process Workbook

5. Inner Work of Collaboration Workbook

6. Collaboration Skills Workbook

7. Team Enneagram Workbook

8. Collaborative Leadership Workbook