TEAM CASE STUDY: Global Brand Team Shines

New leadership skills, increase revenues & streamline process


The Global Brand Director and three reports were new, a rift existed between Global/US, the 6 ad agencies were being reduced to one, and the brand position needed to shift from efficacy to dosing.


The new team had to elevate their confidence, deal with adversity with the US, lead the affiliates into alignment, quicken and move the brand planning process up in the calendar to use the budget beginning first of the year, and shorten the publication approval process to maximize data impact earlier in the year – all to achieve their stated shared goal: To hit a Billion in revenues!

Direct Financial Impact: $115 M

  • Revenues:
    • Prior Year: $775
    • Forecast +13%: $875
    • Actual +27%: $983 – $108 M over forecast
  • Reduced expenses of the agency consolidation by $7M

$7 M                                               $108 M



Other Outcomes

  • Moved from 6 advertising agencies to 1; transition completed 18 months ahead of plan
  • Revised global brand positioning to increase message effectiveness and consistency
  • Implemented in 8 months down from 24
  • Reduced number of global sales aids from 132 down to 29
  • Decreased publication planning/approval process timeline from 9 months to 3 months
  • Cut planning process time in half and moved it up 3 months in the calendar year

            Sales Aides Reduced 78%    arrow2

            Publication Approval Process   arrow3



New leadership skills create $60 M more in MROI


The executive wanted to make more of a contribution in a large high-powered marketing program inside a top five pharmaceutical company, but could not do so within the constraints of their current position.


Design a new position, get their managers to buy in, present it to upper management and get it funded and formulated by HR. The executive saw the need and opportunity to elevate the MROI of their current marketing spend by ending programs yielding a 2:1 ROI or lower and reinvesting that spend into programs yielding 3.5:1 or better return.

Direct Financial Impact: $60 M

The killing of $40 M worth of low ROI marketing spend and redirecting it into higher return programs yielded an elevation in revenues for the company of $60 M.


Program Outcomes

  • Executive’s reconstruction of his mental constructs opened up possibilities and realistic strategies that did not exist previously
  • Program accountability resulted in the executive experiencing creative tension until they actually designed, requested, and secured approval for the new position
  • Bi-weekly Development Plan lead the executive to shift from focusing on self doubt into validating his skill sets and taking the necessary actions to execute the plan
  • The executive’s collaborative capabilities had to elevate in order to work with the affiliates in their markets on their marketing programs