These steps are a complete process to create a collaborative environment towards achieving a specific shared goal or can be implemented for specific stage development of a team.

Step Description
1. Collaborative Business Strategy and Shared Goal The creation of a shared goal and a supporting business strategy
2. Collaborative Team Dynamics Meeting Process Establishment of roles, protocols, communication strategies, feedback loops and monitoring of the collaborative meme environment
3. Inner Collaboration Work Inner Coaching Process is a series of internal activities on all levels used to shift belief structures and emotional dispositions, enabling individuals to access their internal potential and apply it towards accomplishing the shared business goal
4. Collaboration Skills Five core skills necessary for collaboration:  active listening, dialogue, feedback, conflict management and facilitation
5. Collaborative Team Relationships Developing productive business relationships with each team member and stakeholder as it relates to accomplishing the shared goal
6. Collaborative Leadership Skills Facilitating the planning and decision making towards creating a team culture of empowerment and maintaining personal boundaries
7. Stakeholder Strategy Proactively developing relationships with critical departments and individuals necessary towards accomplishing the shared goal

We offer our services in four tiers so that teams and individuals can experience the capability building affects of the Collaborative Process in a format that meets their specific needs and timeframes.

Collaboration Meetings/Workshops of various lengths ranging from one hour to a full day.

1.1   Strategic Planning Meetings/offsite

1.2   Science of Collaboration Seven Step Workshop

1.3   Collaboration Skill Building Workshop

1.4   Collaboration Team Enneagram Workshop

1.5   Stakeholder Mapping Strategy Development Workshop

Individual Collaboration Capability Development – 3-month engagements:

2.1 Collaborative Leadership Program

2.2 Inner Work of Collaboration Program

2.3 New Leader/New Position Program

2.4 Building Collaborative Business Relationships Program

Team Collaboration Consulting Courses that have duration of 6 – 12 months:

3.1 Strategic Team Collaboration Course 6 months

3.2 Three Peak Team Collaboration Course 6 – 12 months

3.3 Three Peak Team Meme Collaboration Course 6 – 12 months

Collaborative Outcomes Support Products

  1. Science of Collaboration e-Book
  2. Seven Step Science of Collaboration Process Workbook
  3. Collaborative Business Shared Goal Work Book
  4. Collaborative Team Meeting Process Workbook
  5. Inner Work of Collaboration Workbook
  6. Collaboration Skills Workbook
  7. Team Enneagram Workbook
  8. Collaborative Leadership Workbook
  9. Stakeholder Strategy Workbook